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Food Safety Consultancy

Behan Safety Systems provides a wide range of Food Safety and Consultancy Services for Food Business Operators including

Restaurants, Pubs, Cafes
Crèches, Playschools, Play Centers
Hotels, Retail Outlets
Manufacturing, Wholesalers.

Food Safety Audits

We will look at every aspect of your Food Safety System to see if you are compliant with current Food Safety Legislation.

Areas inspected include personal hygiene, pest control, HACCP system, structure(e.g. walls, floor), cleaning systems, temperature control etc. 

We can also audit your premises prior to a third party inspection
(e.g. BRC, Bord Bia, ISO, Q Mark)

Third Party Audits

We will carry out a Food Safety and Hygiene Audit of your suppliers saving you time and money.

Technical Support and Advice

We can provide advise on the following areas

  • Food legislation

  • Food labelling

  • Product specifications


  • Third party accreditation (BRC, Bord Bia,Q Mark)

  • Quality Management systems

HACCP Training Food Safety Consultancy

HACCP System Development and Implementation

Every food business must have a documented Food Safety Management System that is based on the seven principles of HACCP.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and is the process of identifying what can go wrong in your operations to make food unsafe to eat and then deciding
how it can be prevented

We can review all your processes and implement or update your food safety management system based on the seven principles of HACCP

For further details please contact

Valerie Behan on 087 355 6960


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